WALLTITE® high performance for wall roof and floor applications

Roof, wall and floor applications

WALLTITE® can be applied in different ways to a huge range of wall, roof and floor designs. It is available as a spray and injected version, using open or closed cell structures. It has been installed into thousands of applications from commercial buildings, to domestic homes. See the BASF Walltite link below for further information.

WALLTITE® has a measured water vapour permeability, therefore it does not compromise the performance of any breathable membrane, or the timbers to dry out when subjected to periods of solar radiation.

The system minimises unwanted air leakage and air infiltration.

Features and benefits

Energy efficiency - the continuous spray leaves a minimal amount of surface area without insulation resulting in some cases, a 30% decrease in thermal transmission and an airtight building envelope of low permeability without the need for supplementary material.

Sustainability - sustainable over the life span of the building, WALLTITE® can even prolong the buildings life as it protects against premature deterioration of building materials.

Design freedom - WALLTITE® also provides the specifier with complete design freedom as the spray foam adapts to the shape of the substrate providing an ideal solution for insulating difficult areas such as profiled and curved roofs. The product is self-adhesive and stays fully bonded to the substrate, preventing any possible detachment, common with other types of insulation.

Occupier comfort - for building occupiers, WALLTITE® makes a significant contribution to a comfortable indoor climate by creating a draft free environment that prevents the infiltration of pollutants, toxins and allergens.

Reliability - WALLTITE® is only installed by trained professionals approved by BASF in the UK.


BBA Certificate No. 11/4816.

WALLTITE® has undergone various performance tests. Certificates are available on request.

More details at WALLTITE BASF

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